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The last day of regular classes will be Saturday, May 18.



Those interested in being a part of the competition team for 2019-2020 season, please plan to get a wristband to wear to Tech and Dress rehearsal.  They will be handed out the week before rehearsals in the office & during Tech.  We are excited to be adding more dances, duets, and trios to the lineup. Good luck!  You’ll do great! Competition team members will be announced in June with choreography days set for early summer – attendance will be mandatory.  More details to come.

Summer Classes

We are offering 8-week classes beginning June 10 for all levels.  These classes are great for little ones just starting out and current students wanting to stay active.  Anyone interested in competition should sign up for the Stretch & Conditioning Mondays this summer.


Registration for Summer and Fall is happening NOW!  Classes are filling up quickly with some already full.  Please check with the office when turning in your forms to be sure your selected classes are available.

Adult Classes

Barre Blast: Mondays @ 6:30p, Thursdays @ 9:00a

POUND: Tuesdays @ 6:30p   

Cardio Pop:  Thursdays @ 6:30p

Classes will continue over the summer.


Saturday, May 11 is the Starved Rock Country Marathon.  The finish line is a block from the studio by the river.  The studio will remain open for classes and we hope everyone will head outside and support the runners as they come by!

Summer Dance Festival 2019

  • Tickets go on sale April 25 at the studio – $15/ticket (CASH ONLY) – there is assigned seating for each day.  We cannot hold tickets without payment.  ALL SALES ARE FINAL.  Tickets will remain on sale in the office and be available at the door each show day.
  • SDF Lipstick & Earrings Everyone needs to have the studio issued earrings ($8) and lipstick ($5) – both available for purchase through the office.  Get these before Technical rehearsal.
  • Costumes – All accounts must be paid in full before costumes will be sent home.  Costumes will be sent home in early May. 
  • Performers Packets will be sent home the beginning of May.  This will be your reference for Tech & Dress rehearsal and Performance days, including technical rehearsal times, call times for dress and performance days, hair assignments, costume details, etc.  With lots of additional information about the show.
  • Attendance is crucial to the success of the show.  You are missed when you are not in class.  Please discuss scheduling conflicts with your teacher in advance and notify the office of all absences 815-434-3920.
  • Volunteers are crucial to the success of our show.  Backstage we will need room moms for girls and boys rooms.  Please talk to Jamie on your availability to help.  Each person who volunteers will get one ticket for each day they help.  Free tickets are limited to the available spots requested.  Meeting for ALL volunteers Tuesday, May 14 @ 6:30.
  • Video of the show will be available for purchase.

Studio Procedures & Reminders:

  • To be early for class is to be on time – please be ready for class when it is scheduled to start.
  • No dancer or child should be left unattended in the studio
  • If the dancer has had ANY contagious illness within the last 24-hours, please stay home and notify the office.
  • Dress code must be adhered to
  • Dancers should not have phones out or in class
  • No class treats for birthdays, etc due to allergies & clean up.  Dancers may bring water & a dry snack for between classes.
  • Please arrive early so class can start on time and have a ride available at the end of class.  Call the office if your dancer will miss class.
  • No dancer or any child that is not in class should be left unattended in the studio.  We do not have additional staff to watch children.  No child should be running in the studio at any time.
  • Sick Policy:  If your child has had a fever, vomited or contagious illness within the last 24-hours, please keep them home and inform the office of their absence. 
  • Dress Code:  Having a dress code ensures the students understand they are in a structured class and clothing is not a distraction.  A uniform appearance enables the teachers to see the dancer’s movement, placement and lines so proper corrections can be given for the benefit of the dancer’s education.  ALL DANCERS must adhere to the dress code or they will sit out of their class(es) for the day.  On the third no dress day, your account will be charged for the appropriate items needed. Adagio’s Dance Store has all the required shoes, tights, leotards, bags & Adagio apparel.
  • Introduction to Dance I & II – Pink Leotard (a skirt or tutu with it is okay) & tights for ALL students. 
  • Level I through Level V – Black leotard and tights (pink or tan) for EVERYONE in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Modern, Stretch & Conditioning, Pointe Prep, & Tumbling.  NO exceptions.  Dance sweaters & leg warmers are optional.  Hip Hop students may wear a t-shirt & pants. NO street clothes will be allowed in any class.
  • Names should be in all shoes.  The appropriate shoes must be worn in each class (ballet, tap, jazz shoes). 
  • Hair: Should be pulled back tight in a bun and no loose jewelry.
  • Phone Policy:  Student phones are to remain in their bags on silent.  If staff sees a phone out, a parent will have to claim it from the office.
  • Food & Drink:  Should be limited to water and dry snacks only and should be eaten in the Food Area in the back of the studio or outside on the chairs.
  • No class treats may be brought in – we have many students with allergies.
  • Check lost and found often – items left behind after class are placed in the back of the studio.  Items not claimed are donated monthly.
  • Please be respectful of the studio by cleaning up after yourself, throwing away garbage, walking in hallways, turning off lights and closing doors behind you.  Be respectful of S & S Travel, located in the front of the studio by walking and keeping noise limited during business hours. 

**Sign up for Remind by texting #81010, enter “@adagios” in the text box or email and leave the subject area blank.  To be up to date with new studio announcements – sign up today!

***The viewing windows will be open at the discretion of the instructor.  We want to ensure your dancers are engaged, getting the most out of their class time and cut down on distractions.