Class Information

Adagio School of Performing Arts Class Information

All classes are 60 minutes long. The level in which your child is placed is determined by the birth date / academic grade level as of Sept. 1. Prior dance experience will also be considered. The Head Instructor determines any other level placement needs.


This class develops physical proficiency in the performance of ballet vocabulary while promoting an understanding of principals, practices, and common vocabulary of ballet. Ballet training enables the student to gain strength, balance, dexterity, with an emphasis on correct anatomical alignment. Barre exercises condition and prepare the musculature to anticipate the execution of center exercises called Adagio and Allegro.

Pointe-Prep & Pointe

Available to dancers with prior ballet experience. Will be placed by your head instructor. See Ballet description. Class will be performed in pointe shoes.


This class develops physical proficiency in the performance of modern vocabulary while promoting an understanding of principles, practices, and common vocabulary of modern. Class consists of a series of technical exercise that condition the body for strength, flexibility, endurance, and coordination. They will develop physical and conceptual awareness of the elements of time, space, energy, and performance skills of concentration and musicality.


This class is a common form of dance used in theatrical, commercial, and entertainment industries. Jazz has its roots in social dance such as African-American dance. Students learn techniques and vocabulary based on these traditions. Students will move through a daily warm-up and exercises to gain strength, flexibility, endurance, and coordination. Musicality and performance skills are taught through combinations and a series of dance movements.

Hip Hop

This class is based on the unique American dance form evolved from Irish-American and African-American dance forms. The students will learn tap technique and vocabulary common to tap dance. They will learn coordination, rhythmic variations, and performance skills through a series of combinations and exercises.

Intro to Dance I: Ballet/Tap/Acro
Students will receive instruction in all 3 areas.

Intro to Dance II: Ballet/Tap
Students will receive the above in 2 segments of 30 minutes each.

Dance Team
This class is open to any dance team. Curriculum will be created to fit needs. Can provide choreography for competition, halftime shows, etc. Can also provide technique class for the needs of a team.


The beginner acrobat class will focus on general motor skills, flexibility and strength for forward rolls, head stands, handstands, cartwheels, splits, etc. The intermediate/advanced class will focus on skills such as round off back hand springs, front/back walk overs, limbers, aerials, and contortion skills.

Private Lessons

Inquire in the office – available all summer! Private instruction is great for beginning dancers that are eager to get caught up to their age level for fall classes, also great for the advanced dancer to refine & improve their skills. For more information e-mail us at


Adagio’s Competition Team was originated for dancers who wanted more than studio classes and the annual Summer Dance Festival. It was founded on the dancer’s passion to learn more and continue the education outside the studio. By attending several dance conventions and competitions, dancers have the opportunity to take classes from many prestigious dance educators and choreographers. We use these experiences to learn and grow as dancers and as a team. Company, Senior All-Stars, Junior All-stars, and Mini All-Stars, both returning and new, will be working on new pieces for competition in September. Our competition dancers perform in all areas of dance and compete throughout the winter and spring months. Adagio’s competition team also performs at many local venues throughout area. Auditions are held during the month of August each season.