All Payments should be deposited in the black mailbox outside of the office door. Monthly tuition is DUE on the 1st. A late fee will be attached to the account after the 5th. There is a $25 penalty on all returned checks. Any unpaid tuitions after three months will be turned over to the Credit Recovery, Inc. *Season Packets, Reminders, and Late Notices will be going home with students. Be sure to check all dance bags after every class.

Classroom attire

All dancers must wear leotard and tights to ensure that the lines of the body are to be seen by the instructor. Students in any 1st grade or higher class must wear the studio uniform, which is a black leotard with white, pink, or toast tights. Students are allowed to wear capri style pants for Tap and Hip Hop. We ask that every student secure hair in a bun or a tied down braid for all dance classes. All jewelry must be removed. Neatly write your name on your shoes and attire. Adagio has its very own Dance Store located in the office. The Dance Store carries all the required shoes, leotards, tights, bags, and logowear.


  • Always be on time for class. Most injuries happen when dancers aren’t properly warmed up. Use the carpet area to stretch before class.
  • Rotate your lines to allow all dancers to have a chance to dance front and center.
  • At the beginning of class, direct your attention to your teacher as a sign of respect. At the end of class, you may clap, curtsey, or bow as a way of thanking fellow students and teachers for the class.
  • Keep your bags and belongings free of walking / dancing traffic. This will give you more space to dance and ensure safety measures.
  • Keep all cell phones off. It disrupts the class.
  • Don’t chew gum. Keep all water bottles off the dance floor. You may refill or get a drink during breaks.
  • Be respectful to the studio by cleaning up after yourself, throwing your garbage away, walking in the hallways, turning off lights and closing doors behind you. Thanks!